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Social Media Account Management and Marketing Services Agency located in Sarajevo. Providing upfront and on time management & marketing services on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn. Promote your company, brand or product on time with our services and get noticed.

Our Services

We’ll bring our expertise and years of experience to help bring your ideas to life. We bring your ideas to life. We try to do it differently. Exist in the online space. Your online presentation matters the most nowadays.

Website Design

Our team provides with great and affordable web solutions. Small businesses or big it doesnt matter, we have the same approach and it is quality and sustainability. Services we offer: email newsletter design and management, website design and development, website management and maintenance, website hosting, support, and security.


Search Engine Optimisation

The best business card is being in top 10 in Google search. We offer thorough insight and analytics into your website SEO and make changes and adjustment to get into first place or  top 10 in google search in your industry. Your keywords and your website content matter the most in this process. Our analysis provides suitable content and copy including keywords to achieve better Google search results.



Ensuring your brand, voice, message and presence is heard throughout the content. We create and design online content according to your brands instructions and requirements. To be distinguished from others online is a very difficult task but with an insight and analysis of the brands surrounding and targeted audience we can accomplish it.


Digital Strategy / Digital Marketing

We deliver exceptional Digital Marketing campaigns on all platforms ( Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter). We manage your accounts online and make them grow, of course we also interact with audience organically. Your brand awareness is our priority so we put a lot of work into it. Before we start we will make a marketing strategy and do a marketing research.


Wordpress Expertise

The half of the global internet is powered by WordPress platforms and web sites. Our team has mastered WordPress development and implementation. The team can provide and develop any type of WordPress web solution. Including E Commerce websites, Micro-sites,  website solution for hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, travel and rent-a-car agencies and more on demand.


Social Media Marketing and Management

One of the services we do best and we focus on. It is in our opinion that the future of marketing and trade is in social media communities. We grow, interact and engage on your networks to make a better approach and build your brand identity online. We develop strategies, marketing and communication campaign so our marketing and advertising efforts don’t miss out. We manage all sorts of accounts efficiently and make them grow, so as they grow your brands grow. We develop advanced online advertising campaigns



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